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The instant VOB feature returns a general outline of the prospective patient's benefits from the clearinghouse. Because of the nature of the instant check, the patient's insurance information must be accurate and up-to-date in their profile.

The following fields are required before Instant VOB can be run: Patient Name, Date of Birth, Member ID, Tenant Payor, Subscriber Name, and Subscriber DOB.

Running an Instant VOB Check

  1. To begin, navigate to the Patient Record.
  2. Next, click on Insurance List in the sidebar.2023-01-17_11-34-09.png
  3. From the Insurance List, click on the Action Menu and choose Instant VOB from the list. 2023-01-18_09-09-34.png
  4. Once the Instant VOB has been requested, the file will automatically save to the client's Instant VOB History section.
  5. When you click on Instant VOB History, it will take you to the Instant VOB catalog which allows you to access and download2023-02-22_10-57-05.png specific files.2023-01-31_10-28-19.png
  6. Selecting a file will open the Instant VOB data which can be downloaded and sent via email to any desired recipient. Additionally, this file can be added to the patient's chart when being sent to the EMR.

Error Messages

You may encounter some of the following error messages when processing Instant VOBs.

  • If the information entered does not match the clearinghouse data, or if the information is outdated, you will receive the following error message. 2023-01-19_09-44-42.png
  • The error below is presented when a payor or clearinghouse is experiencing an outage causing instant VOB requests to fail.image__11_.png
  • The instant VOB error below appears when an unauthorized NPI # is attempting to make an instant VOB request to a payor they are not registered with. All payors have different eligibility verification requirements. Some payors require insurance enrollment, and others may not have enrollment requirements at all.image__12_.png

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