CallRail Integration Guide

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The Kipu CRM can integrate with CallRail in order to facilitate call records flowing into the CRM Call Queue. This integration allows organizations to track and manage their calls to and from the facility directly within the Kipu CRM. The Call Queue can be used to generate new patients, patient contacts, and referral sources.


  • Organization must have an active CallRail account
  • Must have a Kipu CallRail Webhook URL

Configuring Integration

  • On the left-side panel, Select Settings.

  • Within the Settings area, locate & select Integrations. 
  • WIthin the integrations library, please search for Webhooks. Select Webhooks
  • Fill out the following fields as seen below:
    • Pre-Call = Input the Kipu CallRail webhook URL
    • Post-Call = Input the Kipu CallRail webhook URL
    • Call Modified = Input the Kipu CallRail webhook URL
    • Outbound Post-Call = Input the Kipu CallRail webhook URL
  • Select Update to save your changes.


Your Kipu CRM is now officially integrated with your CallRail account! 

*Please visit Campaigns & Marketing in case you are interested in setting up automated tracking of your call records within the Kipu CRM.

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