Formstack Integration

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The integration between Formstack and Kipu CRM brings seamless functionality to the process of handling webform submissions within the CRM. This powerful integration enables users to conveniently manage webform submissions directly within the Kipu CRM, including the ability to create patient records effortlessly.


  • Organization must have an active Formstack account with a plan that supports Webhook Integration
  • Must have a Kipu Formstack Webhook URL

Connecting Formstack to Kipu CRM

  • Login to your Formstack Account.
  • Select the webform you would like to integrate with the Kipu CRM.
  • Once you are within the Form Builder area, reference the URL on your browser to obtain the unique form ID tied to your webform.
    • Note: Please send this form ID to the Kipu CRM support team to complete this integration
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Emails and Actions. Collapse the Advanced Settings section.
  • Select Add a Webhook.
  • The following webhook modal will appear. Please match the settings below:
    • Webhook Name = Kipu CRM Webhook
    • Webhook URL = Paste the webhook url provided by Kipu
    • Enable Posts with sub-field names
    • Post Data Field Key = Post with API-Friendly field keys
    • Content Type = JSON
  • Select Create Webhook.
  • Now that you have successfully setup webhooks on your Formstack webform, please send an email to containing the following information to finalize the integration on the Kipu CRM side:
    • Unique form ID related to webform
    • Direct URL to the webform for testing purposes

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