Gravity Forms Integration

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The Kipu CRM can integrate with Gravity Forms in order to facilitate webform submissions flowing into the CRM Form Queue. This integration allows organizations to track and manage their form submissions directly from the Kipu CRM. The Form Queue can be used to generate new patient records in the system.


  • An active Gravity Forms Elite Licensed account
  • An active WordPress account
  • A Kipu Gravity Forms Webhook URL

Configuring the Integration

  • Visit the Wordpress website and login to your account.
  • Hover your mouse over Plugins and select Add New.
  • In the Plugins area, select Upload.
  • Locate and select the Gravity Forms Elite plugin zip file you downloaded from the Gravity Forms website
    • Note: Please refer to this Download and Install guide for instructions on how to retrieve this item.
  • Once you have added the Gravity Forms Plugin to your WordPress account, please navigate to Installed Plugins. Locate the Gravity Forms plugin and select Activate.
  • Repeat the steps above to upload and activate the Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On plugin.
  • Navigate to the Forms area.
  • Select the webform you would like to integrate.
  • Hover your mouse over Settings and select Webhooks.
  • Select Add New.
  • Fill out the following fields within the webhook configuration page. 
    • Name: Kipu CRM Webhook
    • Request URL: Paste the Webhook URL provided by Kipu
    • Request Method: POST
    • Request Format: JSON
    • Request Body: Select Fields
  • Use the Field Values area to map the fields present on your webform. Start by clicking the Select a Field box.
    • Note: The text added here must not contain any spaces or special characters, and must be a unique key label not used by any other fields on the form.
  • Use the Value field drop-down to select the first field present on your webform.
  • Enter your desired key name in the Key field for that row.
    • Example: A key for the first name field can be labeled as first_name.
  • Select the + icon to map the remaining fields present on your webform.
    • Please repeat the steps above to map the remaining fields on your webform. Once you have completed mapping all available fields from your webform, it should appear as the below:
  • To finalize your mapping, you must include the required form id key. Click the + icon. 
  • Select Add Custom Value from the Value field drop-down.
  • Enter form_id in the Key field.
  • For the Value field, add a unique numerical value of your choosing. 
    • Note: This numerical value cannot be used by any other Gravity forms on your account.
  • Select Save Settings.
  • Send the following details to to finalize the integration:
    • Screenshot of your key-value mapping within gravity forms
    • Direct URL to the webform for testing purposes


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