Patient Classification Feature

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Purpose: This feature can be used by KipuCRM users to create their own custom patient classification tags within the system. Furthermore, these classifications can then be assigned to any prospect/patient record within their KipuCRM tenant.

  • How do I access & manage my Patient Classifications?
    • A KipuCRM Super User can navigate to CRM > Organization > Tenant > Tenant Patient Classifications. This area will allow the super users to add/remove patient classifications within the system as they wish.


  • How do I add a new patient classification?
    • Once the user is in the Tenant Patient Classification controller, they will proceed to click "Add Classification". The user will then have the ability to input a custom classification name and save it in their system.



  • How do I delete/remove a Patient Classification from my list?
    • In order to delete a Patient Classification, a user will visit the Tenant Patient Classifications controller > Select a Classification > Click "DELETE"




  • How can I assign my Custom Patient Classifications to my prospect/patient records?
    • Once the user has created a set of custom Patient Classifications, they will now be able to assign them to any respective prospect/patient records present in the KipuCRM tenant.
      • Please note, users may only assign one patient classification for each prospect/patient record.



  • In what areas of the KipuCRM are the Patient Classifications displayed?
    • The Patient Classifications that are assigned to prospect/patient records can be seen in the following areas:
      • Pipeline


      • Alumni Processing



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